Child Protection Representation

Connecticut Child Welfare Specialists

Last updated on June 16, 2020

At the law firm of Welty Esposito & Wieler LLC, our family law attorneys go beyond representing spouses in divorce and child custody matters.

As child protection lawyers, our work includes:

  • Representing parents, guardians and relatives in all stages of child protection cases from allegations of abuse and neglect to termination of parental rights in the superior court for juvenile matters
  • Representing parents, guardians and relatives in guardianship proceedings in probate court
  • Providing effective advocacy at administrative hearings before the Connecticut Department of Children and Families (DCF)

Our lead child protection attorney is Thomas A. Esposito, a certified Child Welfare Law Specialist and law professor with demonstrated competency and proficiency in child welfare law. Attorney Esposito represents parents, grandparents, relatives, foster parents and other interested parties in obtaining lasting protection and stable environments for children in the best possible surroundings.

Child Abuse And Neglect

When child abuse or neglect is suspected, a child may be removed from the home and held for several days. Proceedings may then be initiated for a long-term or permanent removal of the child from the home and subsequent placement in foster care. Allegations of child abuse or neglect are obviously very serious charges with dramatic, life-changing consequences for the family. We assist clients at every stage of such matters, from investigations by child services to DCF administrative hearings and proceedings before the juvenile court.

Granting Guardianship

When the parents can no longer care for their child, either through death, mental or physical incapacity, incarceration, or another physical or legal condition, grandparents, relatives or other interested persons may work with child protection attorneys to step in and seek to become the child’s legal guardian.

A guardianship gives the guardian the right to make legal decisions on behalf of the child, as well as assume responsibility for the child’s physical care, well-being and upbringing. Our office is skilled at representing grandparents and others seeking to obtain guardianship in juvenile court or probate court, as well as defending against such actions for parents whose guardianship is being challenged.

Seek Experienced Legal Representation

For parents, grandparents and other relatives, the protection and well-being of children in their family is of the utmost importance. Unfortunately, without adequate legal representation, children may be removed from the home and placed in foster care, cut off from the security and support that loving family members provide. In these situations, working with a child protection attorney is critical.

If you are faced with a child protection issue that requires legal representation, schedule a consultation with Attorney Esposito, our child welfare law specialist at Welty Esposito & Wieler LLC. Contact us to learn more.