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Marital Property Division Involving Business Ownership

Divorce is already complex and emotional. When one spouse owns a business, it raises the tensions another notch. What is the business worth? How will the other spouse be compensated? What does it mean for spousal support and child support?

The seasoned divorce lawyers of Welty Esposito & Wieler LLC are well-versed in business valuations and other factors associated with cases where a business interest is a key asset. We strive to find practical solutions to resolve these matters fairly while balancing the impact on the business entity and operations.

Determining Business Valuation

We have dealt with businesses of all sizes and all industries, from sole proprietors and closely held family businesses to multi-million-dollar enterprises. Our firm collaborates and consults with experts who can help determine fair market value while considering income streams, appropriate minority ownership discounts and capitalization rates as well as the consideration of “goodwill” and other relevant circumstances.

Protecting The Business While Resolving The Divorce

Our attorneys are familiar with the challenge of how to compensate the non-owner spouse for their interest while also preserving the asset that generates the income necessary for the family to continue to thrive.

Alimony And Other Complications

The parties need to understand the impacts of business buyouts and other support obligations such as alimony and child support. Our attorneys are up to date on these issues and the case law that affects these considerations.

Our lawyers have extensive experience with all facets of high-asset divorce. We are attuned the business realities and concerns about the disruption of a divorce on the business and the other stakeholders, while also working to ensure the property settlement is fair and practical.

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